January 27, 2021

Food Safari Enogastronomia
Food Safaris – Chef Sandrine Gomes- Vale dos Vinhedos

By Chef Paulo Machado, in reference to Vale dos Vinhedos.

This week we ended the Food Safaris Expedition in Vale dos Vinhedos, in Rio Grande do Sul.

We have created a unique and exclusive itinerary including visits to wineries and a program of unforgettable experiences in restaurants and tours in the region of Vale dos Vinhedos.

Curated by chef Paulo Machado and consulting by winemaker Paula Cabral, this expedition proposes wine tasting and sparkling wines different from family-run and unconventional wineries.
The gaucho chef Fabrício Goulart, accompanied the group throughout the itinerary through special places chosen “hand-picked” to provide the best travel experience.

Vale dos Vinhedos is a region in Rio Grande do Sul famous for the production of wines and sparkling wines. It comprises a rural route that covers three municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul: Monte Belo do Sul, Garibaldi and Bento Gonçalves, which is the largest of them and also in whose territory most of the tourist itinerary is located.

A tour includes breathtaking landscapes and an immersion in the culture of Italian immigrants, represented by the hospitality in the services offered, by the abundant gastronomy and, of course, by the dozens of wineries of all sizes – from canteens to large well-known companies internationally (Text by Bruna Scirea).

This was the first producing region to receive the Denomination of Origin for wines in Brazil. This gives an even more special value: it certifies that the geographical conditions of the Vale dos Vinhedos guarantee to the wines unique qualities, specific to the region.

A gastronomic itinerary designed for those who love to travel and have exclusive experiences.

For you who want to know a little more of this region of Brazil, follow these tips, after the name of the place I left the link of the company’s instagram for you to follow and be delighted:

Geisse Family Winery, Restaurante Roister Porto Alegre, Don Giovanni Winery

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