Pantanal Lasagna

November 27, 2020

Lasanha Pantaneira Food Safari Pantanal
Pantanal Lasagna – Food Safaris – Food Trip

by Chef Paulo Machado in reference to Palm Heart Guariroba

Whenever I create a new recipe I try to keep alive the feeling of cultural exchange that it will translate. Be it in the seasonings used, in the addition of an unusual ingredient, or even in the aromas that the dish exudes, still warm, with an accent of comfort and that will make your mouth water even to the most unsuspecting diner.

It was in this tone that, last weekend, together with our brave students of the Food Safari Pantanal, there in the wood stove kitchen of the Pequi Farm hotel in Aquidauana that we invented Palm Heart Guariroba Lasagna.

The task would be impossible if it weren’t for the proposal to cut again in long and very thin slices respecting the sense of the fibrous stem of Palm Heart Guariroba, proposed by the family company Sabor da Terra that works with the management of sustainable palm hearts here in Mato Grosso do Sul.

To compose the recipe for lasagne with an accent from Pantanal you will need:

400 g of Palm Heart Guariroba cut into thin slices
250 g of tomato, onion, olive oil, salt and vinegar vinaigrette
250 g of white sauce with ora leaves for nobis torn in hand
200 ml of cumbaru and basil pesto
Olive oil to taste
Uarini sheep flour and preserved Vitória Régia

Recipe for cumbaru pesto:
5 cloves of garlic
20 ml of olive oil
1 bunch of basil
1 col of cumbaru soup
Salt to taste
Uarini flour
2 Col of soup Fresh farm cheese
Mode: process all the ingredients in the blender’s pulse and reserve.

To assemble the lasagna:

Start with the white sauce, then mix slices of guariroba, vinaigrette, pesto and then repeat until you cover the baking dish, ending with grated cheese, pesto and canned regal. Bake until the cheese is browned and serve.

Chef’s Tip: it is clear that some of the ingredients used are not easy to find because as I said at the beginning of the column the idea here is to make an exchange with unusual flavors that I am gathering from my expeditions around the world. In other words, creativity is everything at the time of the most pleasant substitutions. And if you have any concerns or questions please contact us directly on our instagram: @foodsafaris. Sharpen your senses and have a good appetite!

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