Chicken with plum and onion

January 10, 2020

by chef Paulo Machado

Chef Paulo Machado has a new YouTube channel where he will post videos all Sunday talking about recipes, Food Safaris and their adventures as a researcher chef.

In his weekly column at CBN Campo Grande he said that this Sunday’s recipe will be chicken with plum and onion. A recipe he usually eats at his grandmother’s house.

See below how to do it:

In a pan made entirely of iron or stainless steel and without a handle put an onion bed, then put the chicken (may be the drumstick or the chicken cut in parts) previously seasoned with lemon, garlic, salt and black pepper. Put a little minced prune without the pit, sliced onions and tomato sauce (about 300 ml). Cover the pan and put it in the oven over low heat for 2 hours.

Visit chef Paulo Machado’s channel.

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