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December 15, 2023

Food Safaris Japão

Food Safaris Japan – Food Experince


In November we embarked once again towards the East, with a very special group, in search of the unique flavors of Japan.

From the frenetic movement of Tokyo’s streets to the serene corners of rural traditions, a trip to Japan is a deep dive into a universe of unique flavors and experiences.

It all starts with the exuberant flavors of sushi and sashimi, which unfold in a festival of colors and textures in each meal. It’s not just about tasting, it’s about appreciating each delicate slice of fresh fish, masterfully prepared by chefs dedicated to their craft.

We also explore the alleys full of ramen stalls, where the hot steam mixes with the tempting aroma of the boiling broth. Each bowl is a symphony of flavors, a journey of pleasure for the palate as we deftly dodge the jets of vapor that float through the air.

But the true magic of Japanese cuisine unfolds in tea houses and sushi schools, where we are welcomed by culinary masters passionate about sharing their secrets. It is here that we learn the delicate movements to prepare the perfect matcha, a ritual that transcends the simple act of drinking tea.

Each street is a gallery of gastronomic wonders, from traditional teahouses to cozy izakayas. It’s where tradition meets modernity, and the aroma of incense mixes with the bold flavors of kaiseki, a culinary experience that transcends time.

A food trip to Japan isn’t just about fueling your body; it’s about nourishing the soul with authentic flavors, enriching experiences and the joy of exploring a world of culinary diversity.

If we could summarize our trip to Japan it would be exactly like this: each dish a work of art and each meal a celebration of Japanese culture!

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