Francisquito Biscuit

September 18, 2020

Francisquito Biscoito do Pantanal
Francisquito – Pantanal Biscuit

By the researcher chef Prof. Elson Luiz Figueiredo – in reference to Pantanal sweet

It’s holy party cake! It’s school lunch cake! It’s family cake! It’s Mato Grosso cake! So beloved in the lowlands of “Cuiabana”, that it marks family recipes, which may even have details in flavor or format, but always FRANCISQUITO (A) …

It’s a buttery biscuit that is easy to prepare, but with details! All families are providers of their Francisquito recipes (a) because it is part of the daily life of the Mato Grosso people.

Its origin is very likely to be from the São Paulo beans, brought in the colonization of the State of Mato Grosso, Brazil. The tasting and preparation of this biscuit is distributed in Cuiabá City and Pantanal Mato grossense.
Why Francisquito or Francisquita? Due to the cut of its base with two parts – Francisquita; and with three, Francisquito … giving similarity to sexual organs (popular saying)

Francisquito and I have a childhood relationship, in the family, at school and in the church … Today I make my mother’s recipe!

08 eggs
500g sugar
250g butter (room temperature)
01 lemon (zest)
01k wheat flour (approximately)
01 cs chemical yeast

1) Make a homogeneous and sequenced mixture of egg, sugar, butter and lemon zest.
2) Add the wheat flour gradually, and the chemical yeast incorporated into the mixture, without kneading the dough. The resulting mass is buttery, with the point, almost detached from the hands.
3) Let the dough rest for about 10 minutes, covered with a napkin.
4) Sprinkle wheat flour around the dough, because if necessary, use it.
5) Mold in the shape of a “drop of water” and at the base, make one or two cuts with the aid of scissors or knife.
6) Pass the sugar and place in the greased baking dish, sprinkled with wheat flour or lined with parchment paper.
7) Bake in the oven, temperature 180 ° C.

Chef’s Tips:
– As for the texture: very colorful, crunchy biscuit; little colored, soft biscuit.
– As for cuts, according to the regional culture of Mato Grosso: 01 cut (francisquito), 02 cuts (francisquita).

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