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Vale do São Francisco – July 2022

All the charm of one of the most important wine and fruit producing regions in the world, composing the programming of this cultural trip and unprecedented by one of the most beautiful regions of Brazil.

The Brazilian Chef Juci Melo, Flor de Mandacaru restaurant, an incredible woman and a lot of knowledge about goats, sarapatels and regional wines are the host of this expedition. Lead the group in exceptional and exclusive activities so that you have the best cultural experience in the region.

July, 19 – Tuesday

Arrival in Petrolina to start this enogastronomy expedition.

Our team will be at the airport waiting for your arrival to proceed to the hotel. Check-in Hotel Nobile del Rio and overnight.

July, 20 – Wednesday

Delicious breakfast and group meeting in the hotel lobby. Brief presentation of all and departure to visit the and the workshop of the Craftsman Mestre Quincas and the work with frowns of Mestre Biu dos Anjos.
At noon, we will visit the Bodódromo and have lunch at the Bode do Angelo restaurant. The owner Angelo welcomes us to share his knowledge and present the dishes of the house. He is a goat breeder and also has a meat boutique on site.

Rest at the hotel in the afternoon. Dinner at the Flor de Mandacaru restaurant and have a class on Cari fish and the use of PANCs from the Caatinga. Overnight stay.

July, 21 – Thursday

Departure after breakfast to visit a farm of native and exotic fruits of exceptional quality. The owner welcomes us in the fields to show us her specialized production, mainly in Cashew, Carambola, Fig, Pink Mango and Crunchy Guava.

Then, we will visit a production of Iberian Pork, where lunch will be served. After rest, we will proceed to the first enogastronomy activity at Rio Sol Winery where we will visit the vineyard and the wine production area and we will be able to bathe in the waters of the São Francisco River tasting local sparkling wines. Overnight stay.

July, 22 – Friday

After breakfast at the hotel, we will board the van bound for Nina’s cheese shop and get to know her work with goat’s cheese in the company of specialist Prof. Dr. Daniel R. Menezes from UNIVASF, representing the Queijos do Sertão project.

The morning continues with a PRIVATE tour guided by the vineyard of the Terra Nova Winery, Miolo’s home in the São Francisco River valley. We will then be welcomed at the winery with a tasting of special sparkling labels. An experience of enogastronomy that will remain in memory.

With renewed energies in the rural area, we will embark on Vapor do Vinho – a PRIVATE navigation on the Sobradinho Lake with a bath, lush landscapes under the sound of forró pé-de-serra. Lunch will be shipped and the activity takes place until sunset. An afternoon dedicated to celebrating life in a private and exclusive way for Food Safaris.

July, 23 – Saturday

Departure after breakfast towards Lagoa Grande / PE to visit the traditional Bianchetti Winery, the oldest in Petrolina with its production of organic grape juice and wines. Our third experience of enogastronomy in the script.

On the way back to Petrolina, we will visit the food production cooperative Casa de Cambraia, where a group of women cook around 3 thousand delicacies daily, among them cambraia (dry kiss), seasoned cambric (oregano, garlic, onion, carrots, cabbage) and beet), beiju (tapioca) and sweet sequilho.
Lunch break in the city center and return to the hotel to rest.

In the middle of the afternoon, we go to Café de Bule to discover the Bolo de Rolo and Bolo de Noiva – both Patrimonio Imaterial de Pernambuco and enjoy them with a delicious cup of coffee. We are also going to try Dona Nina’s cheese in the Cartolas filling.

Then we will visit the Samba de Véio of Ilha do Massangano – an Afro-descendent cultural manifestation that involves a lively samba circle with stools and the palms of the participants. Children and adults play and we are invited to join the circle to dance and sing. Return to the hotel and overnight.

July, 24 – Sunday

Free morning to rest. Check-out from the hotel can be done until 11am.

Our team will take you to the airport for boarding. End of Food Safari Vale do São Francisco.

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Food Safari
Vale do São Francisco – July 2022