The journey of Catalan flavors

October 01, 2019

By Denise Rohnelt Araujo

When I came to travel with Food Safari to Catalunya I knew it would be an amazing experience for the script and the people who would attend. But the trip was much more than amazing, as my son would say, it was exceptional megablaster.

The wonderful team of professionals who led us on the trip were amazing, the tourism and services organized by Pollianna Thomé, the knowledge of the ingredients and the Catalan food culture with chef Paulo Machado and the local discoveries and organization with dear Carol Lima who lives in Barcelona.

A very knowledgeable trip through a region that I did not know gastronomically and then made me want to return to new discoveries. The places we know are not obvious and touristy known, they are researched places where art is made as in the saffron and aromatic farm, in the Dalmau family’s small centenary olive grove, or in the cava Recaredo winery, in the small village restaurants medieval traditions that have the tradition of zero-kilometer cuisine, local fairs and more.

I recommend the trip to Catalunya and other Food Safari cultural culinary experiences whether in Brazil or abroad. I take at least one group trip a year. You will not want to be left out.

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