Cocada on Ethiopian lands

June 09, 2020

Food Travels – Ethiopia

by Chef Paulo Machado – in reference to Food Travels

Do you want to learn a delicious coca? This has a story. In 2012, the Brazilian actress in Addis Ababa invited chef Mara Salles to hold the 1st Brazilian Cuisine Festival in Ethiopia. But I was not alone: ​​to compose your entourage, we were nominated by my chef Eduardo Duó.

Our bags were made of pepper, different types of cassava harina and condensed milk, destined for the Kurifitu Diplomat restaurant, in the capital of the country, where the event would take place. We were warned that we would not find many ingredients from Nuevo Mundo there. Dicho y hecho: in common with our kitchen, just joy and color, plus the love of coffee, your native land. The main food of Ethiopians is reduced to preparations with the nutritious Teff, the smallest of the world.

Among them, the Injera, a large, spongy and fermented panqueque that is eaten with the hands and rellen with a guise of pollo or the goat or the cordero casi crudo, seasoned with spices and vegetables. Exotic and very different from our daily rice and beans! But Ethiopia has a precious cultural wealth and people, proud to be one of the most ancient nations of humankind, and it does not have the stigma of misery that was experienced during the military dictatorship in the past.

But, in the kitchen of the descendants of the Reina de Saba, the freshness of the ingredients reigns. And there we find a fresh coconut that has been grilled by Chef Mara to make a delicious coconut, pay attention to the easy recipe:



-500 grams of sugar

-500g of grated coconut

-2 bowls of butter

-5 huevos

In a bowl, mix all ingredients and colóquelos in a tray to whisk together and immediately rise to the warmth. Hornee up to 30 minutes.

Acute senses and tenga buen appetite.

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