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Pantanal – August 2022


Developed especially for those who are looking for a great gastronomic experience in the Pantanal: an immersion in the feeding rituals of a typical Pantanal farm. An experience of the local culture through living with the Pantanal people in their natural habitat. Includes one night accommodation in Campo Grande and three nights at a Pantanal Lodge.

August 24 Wednesday

Arrival in Campo Grande (CGR) and check in at the hotel. Departure for the first expedition activity of Pantanal Food Safari Trip at Aipim Restaurant from Chef Magda Moraes. Class of Yerva Mate Caipirinha and tasting the capital tipical dish called Soba – a cultural expression of the miscegenation of Japanese with south-matogrossenses. Dinner and overnight.

August 25 Thursday

Departure after breakfast towards the City Market and visit the stands that sell local manufactures. Next, tasting artisanial bier prepared with regional ingredients. Travel for approximately 2h30min towards to the Pantanal Pousada – a great introduction to the Pantanal habitats and landscapes. Check-in, general information and presentation of the facilities. Lunch and rest. Afternoon safari tour for wildlife viewing. Early evening meeting at the inn’s bar for tasting caipirinhas with regional fruits followed by a special welcome barbecue. Dinner and overnight.

August 26 Friday

For those who like to wake up early, the dawn of this day will be in the corral of the farm to help milking the cows. On the way back to the lodge, delicious breakfast before starting the first practice class of Pantanal cooking. The first activity will be to coagulate the milk. While the cheese dough is not ready, we will produce Maracaju Sausage – a regional product that has Geographic Identification. Our host chef will share his knowledge of the  cuts and seasonings that are part of this sausage’s traditional recipe. Guariroba’s heart of palm will be the protagonist of the rice that will be prepared to accompany the sausage. Late in the morning, the loge´s chef teaches her tricks to squeeze the cheese  and how she prepares Chipa (a cheese bread) using this already ripened cheese.

 After lunch we will take a break for the siesta. Mid-afternoon departure for a horseback riding tour of the farm fields, beef cattle herd and wildlife viewing. Dinner will be prepared by the lodge staff where the delicious “Fish a Urucum”  will be the protagonist.

August 27 Saturday

Those who like to wake up early are invited to take a walk in the woods to observe the fauna and flora of the Pantanal. The morning in the kitchen begins after breakfast with the preparation of the dulce de leche. The other dishes of the class are the Paraguayan soup made off a creamy corn pie, onion and cheese and Caribéu, a casserole of dru meat  and cassava will be prepared. After lunch, boat trip to observe nature and fish piranhas. Returning to the lodge, we will make the Piranha Ceviche and have a Piranha Soup and Moqueca de Jacaré (type of stew that takes alligator meat, coconnut milk, onions and tomato). Dinner and overnight.

August 28 Sunday

Early in the morning, preparation of “Quebra-Torto”, the local plentiful breakfast of the Pantaneiros cowboys composed of macarrão tropeiro (noodles with beef jerky), arroz carreteiro (rice and beef jerky) and fried chipa.  

Check-out and visit a artesanial cheese factory and taste the local spcialities. Departure aftertowards to Campo Grande (we suggest scheduling the flight after 4PM). End of the Pantanal Food Safari Trip

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Pantanal – August 2022