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Barbecue, mushrooms, Serrano cheese and Araucaria pine tree seeds - the Gaucho cuisine gathered

Prepare yourself! Our proposal is an immersion in the food culture of Campos de Cima da Serra, Rio Grande do Sul State, Southern Brazil. A group composed by culture and gastronomy lovers with a common interest: knowledge.

Day 1

Arrival in Porto Alegre (POA) in the morning. Our team will be waiting for your arrival. Group meeting in the airport at noon and departure in van towards São Francisco de Paula city. It is about 120 km in a trip of approximate 2h30 min. Stop for lunch in a Tibet Food Restaurant to have the presentation of the group. Check-in at  Hampel, our home for the upcoming days, a place that since 1899 hosts visitors seeking for leisure, fresh air and water. After visiting the hotel structure and being installed in the rooms, the group will gather by the lakeside and roast pinhões (Araucária pine trees seeds) and sip a welcome drink. Dinner will be prepared by hotel staff lead by the chef. The Food Trip Gaucho Brazil has begun!

Day 2

Awakening early to join the pre-preparation of the Barbecue: handle meat and legumes, skewer the ingredients and prepare the fire. Departure after breakfast special activity: collect wild mushrooms and lear about the edible ones. Return to the hotel to taste a barbecue combined with wild mushrooms roasted in firewood and a buffet of salad and delicious legumes. Group meeting in the kitchen at dusk to prepare dinner using local ingredients. The chefs  prepare a menu using the Araucaria pine tree seeds as main ingredient.

Day 3

Meeting at dawn to drink chimarrão (local hot herb tea). The Parador Hampel hosts a large area of Atlantic Rainforest and due to its conservation status, hosts a high bird diversity. Breakfast and departure to visit a familiar property that produces the Queijo Serrano: a simple and cozy place to learn abou their cheese production. Visit a farm that has a center of permaculture center to visit the carpentry where hand-made cutting tables as well as farm production. Lunch in the property and drive to Canela center city to visit handcrafts shops, have a coffee and relax. Drive back to hotel and overnight.

Day 4

Hike at sunrise, breakfast and check-out to depart to Porto Alegre. End of Food Trip Gaucho Brazil.

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