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Mushroom Hunting – May 28

Food Safari Day - a tasting of the Food Safari Serra Gaúcha for those who live in the region and want to participate in one of the activities of the full itinerary.

This Food Safaris Day with Mushroom Hunt conducted by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Sulzbacher and Ferro & Fogo lunch at Parador Hampel is an exclusive experience of Food Safari Serra Gaúcha. We opened this day of the expedition to the residents of the Serra’s surroundings so that they can share their experiences with the group. Knowledge & gastronomy together on a Sunday in the countryside.

Prof. Dr. Marcelo Sulzbacher together with chefs Paulo Machado and Fabrício Goulart, meets the group in the gardens of Parador Hampel at 8 am so that everyone can introduce themselves and to receive the wicker baskets that will serve to store the mushrooms in the field.

Departure by vehicle from Food Safaris – a rural minibus with the ability to walk on a dirt road, towards a farm in the rural area of ​​São Francisco de Paula, where there is a reforestation of pine trees, a favorable environment for a mushroom colleague. Upon arriving at the rural property, our group will be welcomed by the owners and we will receive an exceptional lecture with Prof. Dr. Marcelo Sulzbacher – South American fungi specialist and discoverer of the first Brazilian truffle. A class full of curiosities and knowledge with those who understand the most about the subject.

Armed with wicker baskets, we will venture through the pine forest in search of mushrooms. At the end of the collection, in the farm shed, Prof. Marcelo will select which ones are edible and which should be returned to nature, while chefs Paulo Machado and Fabrício Goulart present some products such as cheeses, sausages and antipasti, which include mushrooms and truffles in their composition.

On the way back to Parador Hampel, we will find the garden full of clothesline barbecue with preparations for all types of taste, including vegans, where we will have lunch and enjoy the rural environment amid the araucaria trees. The edible mushrooms that we harvest in the morning will be roasted over coals and tasted by everyone. Closing is scheduled for 16h.

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Food Safari
Mushroom Hunting – May 28