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Serra Catarinense – March 2023

Harvesting in the Serra Catarinense is enjoyed in these 5 days of travel through beautiful landscapes and the unique culture of its residents, expressed through gastronomy.

Unique Tasting Experience.

Natural and cultural heritage are the essence of Food Safaris, elements that Serra Catarinense has in abundance. Altitude Wines are not the only protagonists of this trip. We will also bring to the scene Frescal, Serrano cheese,   Bracatinga Honey, Trouts and Apples. All this on the edges of the São Joaquim National Park, which has breathtaking landscapes.


March 22- Wednesday

Arrival in Florianópolis – schedule a flight to FLN airport arriving until 12:00. Our team will be waiting to gather the group and start Food Safaris Enogastronomy trip. Board the transport for the trip towards Serra Catarinense.

We will make a stop at the beginning of the trip to discover the art of an award-winning cheesemaker and taste her artisanal production at a brunch that opens our research on regional flavors. We will continue our journey along SC 390, a road that winds through the Serra and leads us to our first address on this route: the city of Bom Jardim da Serra. Check-in at the hotel and rest.

In the early evening we will gather in the hotel’s show kitchen for the special opening dinner. The menu was designed with the aim of presenting different ingredients from the Serra, prepared by the chef Narbal Correa. An exponent of Santa Catarina gastronomy, Narbal, who is also a fisherman and diver, has his career in the cuisine linked to seafood. His research with the products of the Serra Catarinense brings the culture of the “Ilha da Magia” as the capital of Santa Catarina is known, with the interior of the State.

March 23- Thursday

After breakfast, we will visit a family farm with different apple species. We will take a walk through the orchard, going through the apple trees laden with fruit as it is precisely the time of the annual harvest. There we will be welcomed by the owner who shares her learning about planting, pruning, care and harvesting techniques. Opportunity also to taste each type of apple and understand its peculiarities and uses.

We will then visit Sanjo – Cooperativa Agrícola de São Joaquim, which produces around 40 thousand tons of apple and its derivatives. Prepare to be surprised by the production engineering of Santa Catarina industries in this company that is also a reference in the management of cooperatives.

In time, we go to Vinhedos Monte Agudo to accompany the Harvest festivities and taste the menu by chef Kathia Rojas in a meal paired with local wines. Return to the hotel in the late afternoon to rest.

March 24 – Friday

We will continue to the Basseti Winery to work up an appetite and get to know some of its labels in a tasting guided by the local sommelier. Everyone is celebrating due to the Harvest, a very special moment for everyone in the region.

We will then continue to São Joaquim for a guided tour of the Pericó Winery. The sommelier who leads us tells the details of the production of one of the most awarded sparkling wines in Brazil. The tasting of some labels will be harmonizing the dishes of the charming restaurant.

Before heading to Urubici, we go to a store to see its collection with the most diverse Altitude Wines from the Serra Catarinense. Check-in at the hotel and rest.

March 25 – Saturday

After breakfast, we will leave for Morro da Igreja to observe the National Park’s postcard: Pedra Furada. The driver takes us to the viewpoint and, with just a few steps, we will have an incredible view of the landscape. Going down the hill, we will pass through Serra do Corvo, another stay between the cliffs of the canyons.

We will travel to the neighboring municipality of Bom Retiro to see the work of a warehouse that brings together sustainable artisanal regional products from the Serra Catarinense. Especially at Food Safaris, owners Mayara and Renato will serve a lunch with selected ingredients such as smoked trout. Chef Narbal has his contribution to this menu, which makes the experience even more special. A Slow Food experience to remember!

We will return to Urubici in time to watch the sunset from the top of the canyon. The viewpoint has a glass floor that gives the sensation of floating over the mountain gorge. Return to the hotel to rest.
If you have energy, we invite you to have a drink in one of the charming restaurants in the city center.

March 26 – Sunday

Breakfast and departure for our last activity in the Serra: to know the details of the production of Bracatinga Honey in a farm that is also known for the organic production of red fruits. Derived products such as jellies and ketchups are also developed there.

The return trip to Florianópolis takes about 3h30min. We suggest scheduling a flight from 4 pm or staying a few more days on the island to enjoy the activities that the city has to offer.
End of Food Safaris Serra Catarinense

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Food Safari
Serra Catarinense – March 2023