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As a journalist and consultant in the area of gastronomy and tourism I can certify that the trip is more than tourism, an exceptional experience on the chosen place. We had days full of learning, knowledge, exchange of information among the participants. I recommend for all this and more for the wonderful details that made the difference of other trips I´ve made before.

- Denise R. de Araujo, journalist, participated in the Food Safari Catalunya in July 2017

The Pantanal Food Safari was an unique experience, we used several senses: VISION, because we come across a nature that embraces our soul. Our HEARING was activated by the birds sound, the SMELL from wet earth, the PALATE through the lessons and tastings and the INTUITION, the first used when I chose to participate in this trip.


- Rossandra Morais, Personal Trainner, participated in the Food Safari Pantanal in November 2015

An ecotouristic and gastronomic trip, an experience full of technique and taste.

- Chef Edu Rejala - travelled to Bonito & Pantanal Food Safari in November 2016

I participated in the first edition of the pantanal workshop with Paulo Machado and the experience was unique not only for learning in the kitchen that is rich and unique ... but for the range of experience and knowledge that the Pantanal provides us with its nature and people

- Renato Valadares , chef, visited the Pantanal Food Safari in November 2013

I really had a spectacular experience, I knew the real life of Pantannal people. Chef Paulo Machado is a lovely person. The piranha soup has a remarkable flavor, it's still in my memory, just like that barbecue. It's a place I want to return to for a re-energizing

- Chef Cumpade João – traveled to the Pantanal Food Safari in November 2014 & 2015

I Loved everything: the sandwich with tucumã, the ant we ate at the restaurant in Manaus, the best chocolate ball I ever ate, made with cacao planted in the forest,  the duck in the tucupi souce… Unforgettable trip!

- Christine Figueiredo Dias a student of Gastronomy - traveled to Amazon Food Safari in April 2016

Surprising, a daring and innovative project: join culinary culture and leisure. Everything is worthy, I recommend!

- Marizete Pereira Gonçalves, Chef de cuisine - traveled to Bonito & Pantanal Food Safari in November 2016

I met Bonito and the Pantanal in a totally new and special way, it was an incredible and incredible experience that I would like to repeat!

- Maikon Novais Franco, student of Gastronomy - travelled to Bonito & Pantanal Food Safari in November 2016

It was an experience that I will keep forever in my heart, it was very nice to know the culture, the people, the gastronomy of Lima. Peruvians expire Gastronomy.

- Alexandra Oliveira, zootecnist – travelled to Lima Food Safari in September 2016

It was the best experience I have ever had, the knowledge acquired, the places we went through, the incredible people who were with us these days, every moment will stay forever in my heart, we build friendships for life

- Viviane Cassia Diniz Lima, Gastronomy student - travelled to Bonito & Pantanal in November 2016

It is more than a gastronomic experience, it is a meeting of tourism, history, good food and  new friends

- Rômulo Borges Araujo, lawyer - viajou para Bonito & Pantanal Food Safari em Novembro de 2016

The Food Safari Pantanal was an incredible experience where everything reminded me my childhood in countryside. The local gastronomy ‘fills eyes and belly’! I really want to live this again!

- Chef Jucilene Melo – traveled to Pantanal Food Safari in November 2015

Deep in the Southern Pantanal gastronomy with unique and enriching experience with the exuberant and preserved nature, with experienced and knowledgeable professionals of that sanctuary. I recommend

- Chef Celia Maiza Pereira Alves – travelled to Pantanal Food Safari in November 2015