Food Safari Pantanal - Nov/2018

Food Safari Pantanal - Nov/2018

Developed especially for those who are looking for a great gastronomic experience in the Pantanal: an immersion in the feeding rituals of a typical Pantanal farm. An experience of the local culture through living with the locals in their natural habitat. Includes one night lodging in Campo Grande and three nights in Hotel Barra Mansa.

15th November 2018 – Campo Grande

Arrival in Campo Grande/MS. Check-in at hotel and meeting the Chef Paulo Machado in the evening at Feria Central. This is a traditional fair for the inhabitants of Campo Grande and represents the cultural mix of the japanese and brazilian local communities. Sobá – a noodle&pork soup is the main dish produced, but regional fishes and other options are available. Overnight.

16th November 2018 - Pantanal

Departure early morning towards the City Market and visit the stands that sell local manufactures in the company of Chef Paulo Machado. Next, hit the road for approximately 1h30min towards Aquidauana city and have lunch at a regional cuisine restaurant.

After lunch, the off-road trip starts along 130km of dirt road that crosses several farms, a great introduction to the Pantanal habitats and landscapes. Check-in, general information and presentation of the facilities. Free time to relax and walk along the Negro River. Meeting at dusk around the fire to learn the details of the Moquém technique used to prepare the Pantanal barbecue, which includes the cow head. Dinner and overnight.

17th November 2018 - Pantanal

Located in a very special protected area on the margins of the Negro River, Barra Mansa Lodge shelters extraordinary nature and wildlife, offering unique tours for travelers to explore the Pantanal wetlands. During your stay, you will attend 02 classes per day (morning and afternoon), always under the supervision of Chef Paulo Machado. In the morning, you will learn how to butcher the Porco Monteiro (Feral pig). After lunch, you will learn how to spice its fresh meat, prepare the Fried pork casings, different variations of Rice with Pequi (a local fruit of the Brazilian Savannah – Caryocar brasiliensis), prepare White cheese with fresh milk and the “Chipa” - a type of cheese bread.

After luch, car safari or horseback ride to observe the wildlife and pick native fruits. At dusk back in the kitchen, you will learn how to prepare Pintado a la Urucum (urucum is a natural red food colouring made out of the seeds of the same plant (Bixa orellana) and Pintado is a catfish), Rice with guariroba (type of bitter palm heart) and caipirinhas (spirits that can be made with vodka or the local brazilian Cachaça) from the fruits collected.

18th November 2018 – Pantanal

At dawn, it is possible to participate the cow milking to later prepare the caramel. After breakfast, the activities include the production of: Milk caramel (doce de leite), Sopa Paraguaia (a typical corn pie that takes white cheese), and the traditionals Maracaju sausage (that takes fine types of meat) and Caribéu (manioc and meat stew).

After lunch, boat tour along the Negro River to observe the nature and also to fish for piranhas. On the river beach you will learn how to prepare and taste Piranha Sashimi. In the kitchen upon return from the boat tour, you will prepare the Piranha Soup and the delicious Caiman (alligator) Moqueca (type of stew that takes coconnut milk, onions and tomato). Dinner and Overnight.

19th November 2018 – Pantanal/Campo Grande

Early in the morning, preparation of “Quebra-Torto”, the local plentiful breakfast of the Pantaneiros cowboys composed of macarrão tropeiro (noodles with beef jerky), arroz carreteiro (rice and beef jerky) and fried chipa.

Departure after check-out in air-conditioned 4x4 vehicles back to Campo Grande in time to check-in for your return flight (we suggest booking a late afternoon flight). Farewell. End of the Pantanal Safari.

Localization Map