Food Safari de São João - Jun/2018

Food Safari de São João - Jun/2018

The hosts of this Food Safari are the Chefs Paulo Machado and Cumpade João who will present techniques and ingredients of the countryside kitchen the northeastern Brazil. It includes 4 nights accommodation, food production with cooking lessons, visit to the farm producing award-winning goat cheeses, technical visit to cane sugar mill and forró (Brazilian music style) party in Arraiá de Cumpade.

May 31st, 2018

Arrival in João Pessoa, capital of Paraíba state, BR. Suggested arrival time around 15h00.  Meeting the group in the airport and departure towards the city of Cabeceiras at 16h00. Check-in at the hotel and learn how to prepare the Bode no Buraco. Cocktail in the hotel yard. Dinner and overnight.

June 1st, 2018

Check-out after breakfast and departure towards Carnaúba Farm, in the city of Taperoá to visit the goat cheese production, well-known for the prizes received and for belogning to world famous brazilian writer Ariano Suassuana’s family. Lunch in the farm prepared by the group under the guidance of Chef Paulo Machado. After lunch, departure to Lajedo de Pai Mateus. Hiking on trails  conducted by guides to learn about the fruits and native plants that are used by the sertanejos in the local cuisine. Sunset at the Lajeado, return to the hotel and overnight.

June 2nd, 2018

Check-out and trip to Campina Grande. Full day of activities in the Casa de Cumpade with workshops to learn how to prepare the artisal Manteiga de Garrafa (bottled butter) and Carne de Sol (beef jerk), sheep butchering and the preparation of Buchada de Bode (Goat’s guts stew), techniques of stew preparation, Galinha de Casamento (Wedding Chicken), Farofa d’água (corn flour) and Pirão de Galinha (spiced chicken thickened with manioc flour stew). All the dishes will be prepared with ingredients produced at Casa de Cumpade. At dawn, visit the Feira do Artesão (Artisan’s fair), a pavillion where the main crafts of the state of Paraíba are exibited. At night, visit to Parque do Povo (People’s park) and the biggest São João party of the world. In Brazil, Saint John is celebrated in the month of June and it is a cultural complex composed by gastronomic fairs, museums and presentation of square dance and musical groups.

June 3rd, 2018

Departure after breakfast to Areia city to visit the the Engenho da Cachaça Triunfo (Sugarcane spirit distellery) and Casa do Doce (Dessert House). The afternoon will be dedicated to experience the best and biggest Brazilian Arraiá (a camp of festivities) – the Arraiá de Cumpade. Return to the hotel and overnight.

June 4th, 2018

Check -out and departure to the airport of João Pessoa.

Brief presentation of the chefs that will lead the Food Safari

Chef Paulo Machado

Researcher, cook and traveler. He is committed to research food heritage of different societies and share his best experiences with Food Safaris participants.

Chef Cumpade João

Cook, farmer and artist from Northeast Brazil. Researcher of the traditional local cuisine and mantainer of Casa de Cumpade where the culture of State of Paraíba is valued and promotes the real forró arrasta pé, a typical dance of this part of Brazil.

Description of the Food Safari main activities

Arraiá do Cumpade

located in the district of Galante, near the city of Campina Grande. The event that gathers more than 300 people during the festivities of São João is hosted by the northeastern Brazilian culture exponent Cumpade João. Full day of private cooking classes at Casa de Cumpade learning the main local cuisine dishes and another all-inclusive (music, food and beverage) day celebrating the Arraiá.

Lajedo de Pai Mateus

located in the city of Cabaceiras, we will spend two days in this region to visit the landscapes of the Cariri Paraibano and other rocky formations with rupestrian motives and taste the Bode no Buraco (Goat in the Pit). One day is set aside to visit the Carnaúba Farm that produces goat cheese, located in the city of Taperoá, who won the Brazilian Cheese Prize in 2014.


The city is considered National Historical Heritage by a Brazilian government agency (Iphan) and hosts a fabulous urban and rural architectural complex composed by a theater, churches, museums, public buildings, famrs and distilleries that produce rapadura (sugarcane sweet), brown sugar and famous cachaças. In the urban area, of the highlights are the 19th century houses. Visits to the Engenho da Cachaça Triunfo and charming Casa do Doce are also programmed.

The Biggest Saint John’s Festival of the World

the city of Campina Grande was given this title for promoting every year an incredible party that covers a giant area named Parque do Povo. Along the celebrating weeks, the Quadrilhas (square dance) Contest takes place and gathers groups from all the Northeast Brazil and they perform a beautiful show. The choreographies and costumes qualities are compared to the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. The park hosts a gastronomic center where street vendors and main city restaurants offer different options of regional food.

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