Amazon Food Safari - April 2019

Amazon Food Safari - April 2019

Immersion trip to the Amazonian food heritage with experience of the native techniques of manioc flour and food production using ingredients from the river and forest. 1 night lodging in Manaus and 3 nights lodging at Pousada Uacari, within the Mamirauá Sustainable Development Reserve, in the municipality of Tefé - Amazonas.

29th April 2019 – Manaus 

Meeting of the group in the hotel (we suggest schedule a flight arriving until 12h). Departure in the afternoon for the Model and Municipal Markets guided by Chef Paulo Machado. Return to the hotel to unload the shopping and walk to the Amazonas Theater where we will make a visit to the inner area of ​​the theater followed by tasting of Tacacá da Gisela during the sunset.

Return to the hotel and depart for dinner in the Banzeiro Restaurant from the Chef Felipe Schaedler (dinner not included in the package). Return to the hotel and overnight.

30th April 2019 - Manaus / Tefé / Uakari Lodge

Departure after breakfast to the ISA store - Instituto Socio Ambiental rich in indigenous handicrafts followed by return to the hotel to check out and departure at 11am to the airport and board the flight to Tefé. Arrival in Tefé, our staff will be waiting to take you on a boat tour to Uakari Lodge. Check-in at the apartments and group reception at the main houseboat to taste caipirinhas made with regional fruits. Dinner prepared by the lodge kitchen staff includes: fried Aruanã (fish species) and Dry Pirarucu (freshwater fish) fried balls. After dinner, chat with Chef Paulo Machado about the Amazonian Gastronomy. Overnight.

1st May 2019 – Uakari Lodge

The day starts with a delicious breakfast composed of tapiocas (startch extracted from cassava or manioc root), boiled pupunha (native palm species – Bactris gasipaes) and regional fruits such as sliced Sapotá (Manilkara zapota), Taperebá (Spondias mombin) and Camu-camu (Myrciaria dubia) juices. The morning workshop includes preparation of Mousse of Cupuaçu (Theobroma grandiflorum), Tambaqui (freshwater fish – Colossoma macroporum) Stew, Pupunha Rice (palm heart species), Tucumã (palm species - Astrocaryum aculeatum) and Jerimum (pumpkim) filled with pirarucu (giant freshawater fish – Arapaima gigas) - cream and Brazilian Nut milk.

The mise en place of lunch dishes are prepared by the workshop atendees and will be appreciated by everyone involved in the process, inluding local people that work in the lodge and other guests that are not participating the workshop.

After siesta (afternoon nap), canoe tour at Mamiruá Lake to observe dolphins, caimans, sloths and a great diversity of birds. The tour continues with a wak through the jungle to a giant Samaúma (Ceiba petandra), the tree symbol of the Amazonian Forest. Dinner will be prepared by the lodge’s staff and will include Mujica de Tucunaré (Chichla spp), a fish stew prepared with green banana and coal-roasted Bodó (Fish species – Liposarcus pardalis). Overnight.

2nd May 2019 – Uakari Lodge

After breakfast, visit a local community where we will join all activities of a flour house. The whole artisanal process of manioc millling and pressing the dough-like paste at the tipiti ( natural straw type of squeezer produced by indigenous communities) to extract the liquid that will result in the tucupi (yellow sauce extracted from wild manioc root) and the paste that will be rolled up, toasted and become the tapioca flour.

Meantime, the flour will be toasted in a big pan on oven stove, followed by the production of a sweet called pé-de-moleque baked in banana leaves.

Lunch will be served there at the the end of the day´s production. The toasted flour will be used to thicken the fresh fruits of açaí (palm species – Euterpe olearacea) wine made by the local community and luckily we will be able to eat a fresh fish caught by our guide. Pé-de-moleque is our dessert and we might be able to make tapioca cubes if the oven is still hot.

Return to the lodge in the middle of the afternoon in a breathtaking boat tour. Dinner will be on us and we will serve Tacacá ( soup made with jambu - a native variety of paracress - and tucupi) and Pato no Tucupi (boiled duck in tucupi), typical dishes from Pará State.

3rd May 2019 –Uakari Lodge / Tefé/ Manaus

Departure after breakfast and finalization of the Food Safari with certificate delivery. Embark at the airport to catch the flight to Manaus. End of Amazon Food Safari. 

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