August 10, 2020

Barreado Viagem e Gastronomia
Brazilian Food- Barreado – Food Safaris

By Chef Claudio Jr. in reference to Food Tours in Brazil

For the Chef Cláudio Jr. to speak of gastronomy these days, it is looking back fondly.

The current cuisine portrays the root, the backyard food, the simple ingredients, the vegetable garden, the garden flower, products and local producers. At the moment when Brazilian cuisine is in evidence, researching and delving into what is ours, has been a “homework”; inside or outside the kitchens.

Cláudio studies the connection of empirical cuisine with technical cuisine, and rescues the cuisine of his state of Paraná, showing ingredients of origin, as well as their preparations.
The identity of Paraná’s gastronomy is the result of the influences of different peoples. Among them, the Indians were the first to build it. The Indian from Paraná had a varied diet and passed on this knowledge to the tropeiros and first inhabitants of our state, the Barreado, was influenced by this culture. The appearance of the dish is controversial, many say that the Carijós Indians prepared it in a clay pot, cooked over ground fire, covering it with banana leaves.

Experiencing this gastronomic production is an exceptional opportunity that we make possible in Food Safaris – Gastronomic Tours.


3 kg soft top
500 gr bacon
200 gr chopped onion
70 gr chopped garlic
3 bay leaf units
1 cs cumin powder
1 cs tomato extract
Qb salt
Qb ground black pepper
500 gr raw white flour
600 gr mixture of flour and water for sealing

Season the meat and let it rest.
Fry the bacon in a thick pan and add the remaining spices until golden.
Place these ingredients in a clay pot and add water until covered.
Seal the pan with the flour and bring it to a simmer for 4 hours. After cooking separate the meat from the broth and set aside.
With the broth make the mush.

Side dish:
Manioc flour
Plantain – Bananas
Banana Cachaça

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