September 13, 2020

Caipirinha - Cachaça artesanal
Caipirinha – Handmade Cachaça – Food Safaris

By Chef Paulo Machado – in reference to Handmade Cachaça

The cachaça, delicious, vibrant, yellow-green identity. This national drink that is celebrated today, is born of a true cultural tradition.
September 13th is Brazilian National Cachaça Day. How about a delicious caipirinha on this Sunday?

You will need:

1 Tahiti lemon or cloves lemon
1 dose of cachaça – better a Handmade Cachaça
2 tablespoons of crystal sugar
some ice rocks

On a cutting board cut the ends of the lemon and then cut it in half.
Remove the white part and cut again, forming 4 parts.
Then in a tall glass arrange the sugar and the lemon and with a wooden whisk mash the lemon to form a thick juice when mixing with the sugar.
Then cover with ice cubes and finish with a dose of cachaça.
Wick with a high spoon or ecological straw and the caipirinha is ready.

Tip: choose a white handmade cachaça to make your caipirinha.

This recipe is from Chef Mara Salles and we teach at Food Safaris Pantanal with local fruits like the caipirinha in the photo, made with graviola, one of the delights of the Brazilian Cerrado.

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