Do you know Bocaiuva?

July 01, 2020

Bocaiuva Food Safari Pantanal

by Chef Paulo Machado – in reference to brazilian native fruit

One of Food Safaris Pantanal’s most delicious activities is working with local ingredients. This is the case with the fruit of Bocaiuva, which is so versatile that it lends itself to making countless preparations.

We call bocaiuva the fruit of a native palm from Pará to São Paulo, in the transition areas between the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest.
It is also original from the Pantanal, where it is very common in the wild state; for being appreciated by animals, it receives the nickname of ox chewing gum. It is believed that its dispersion in Brazil accompanied the occupation of the territory by the Terena indigenous communities, who still consume the fruit today, and prepare an oil from their almonds. The stem of the palm, easy to recognize because covered with thorns, serves as a wall in the mud ranches, which are the most common in the old Pantanal farms. From the yellow fruit, with its brittle skin and fibrous and sweet pulp, liqueurs, juices, ice cream and flour are made, ideal for the preparation of porridge.

Chef Magda Moraes has been conducting the Bocaiúva Palmeira da Paz project for some years, which teaches women how to extract the fruit – which must be harvested quickly after it is ripe – to prepare the delicious Bocaiuva flour that serves to thicken sweets and prepare delicious porridges until an ice cream or popsicle with a striking flavor.
Liked?! So come and be part of this expedition and learn about this brazilian native fruit.

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