Food Safari Day Carne Orgânica do PantanalFood Safari Day Carne Orgânica do Pantanal

Organic Meat of the Pantanal

Gastronomic experience Food Safaris special on the Organic Meat of the Pantanal for those who live in Campo Grande and region.

Food Safaris Day is an opportunity to learn more about the local cultural heritage of food through theoretical and practical gastronomic activities, valuing regional ingredients and people.

Delicious morning in the company of Chef Paulo Machado to discover one of the jewels of Pantanal gastronomy – Organic Meat.

We will go to the Bio Carnes boutique to have a chat with the manager Márcio Balduino, a veterinarian and profound meat connoisseur.

Chef Paulo Machado will make the acquisition of some pieces and we will go together to the Multiplo Atelie, space of the visual artist Lucia Barbosa, where the chef’s kitchen is also located.

In this extremely charming environment, chef Paulo Machado conducts a class on cooking techniques and produces some special accompaniments.

The tasting will be harmonized with artisanal cachaça.

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Food Safari
Organic Meat of the Pantanal